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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 20, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock breaking news overnight several people rushed to the hospital after an overnight crash, steve has the latest on the victims plus the investigation. twelve girls discovered in the bucks county man's home, question neighbors want answered. a philadelphia police officer hurt in the crash along with others, what witnesses say cruiser did not do right before impact. cleveland's long sports nightmare has ended, the cavilers are nba chapel beyonds. >> a thrilling game seven, nba finals game in history books as four quarters of battling on it out in the hardwood a champion has been crowned and lebron james is yes, the king.
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good day, it is monday june 20th, 2016, lauren johnson has the morning off taking sometime to spend with family. lets go to sue serio. how are you, love. >> i'm good because it is, the first day of summer. it is today. not quite summer officially yet, it is 6:34 p.m., class. so there will be a quiz later on, but it is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. fifteen hours approximately of daylight today, and it is all that planetary stuff going on you don't really care why do you? or maybe you do. i have a lincoln my facebook page that explains it at sue serio fox 29. check that out if you want. next weather system heading our way is not going to be here today abe in fact we do expect things not only to heat up again like yesterday, but to be more humid, so no precipitation but it will be a hot one today. we will start off with 68 degrees. not bad.
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calm wind. and sunrise time is 5:33. so dew point is 60. not too bad yet. 59 degrees mount pocono. sixty-three in trenton. sixty-six in wildwood. wind are not an issue today at all but they are going to becoming out of the southwest which means we are heating up to a high of 92 degrees appropriate for the first day of summer. sunset time 8:33. so i guess we will be enjoying the last hours, of springtime, together, this morning, on the fox 29 morning news and who else to join us, one bob kelly, of course. >> hi sue good morning. the no the that we don't care but just that the last couple of days of school and none of us are really paying attention. we just want to clean our desks out, clean out coat room and let's go. good morning everybody. 4:02 on this monday morning, back at it, live look at schuylkill expressway where for the most part overnight construction non-existent.
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siphon expressway is opened. that goodies news for motorist coming from downtown looking in and out of the center city. we had an early morning vehicle fire which i passed on the way in. off ramps for schuylkill expressway, to that henderson road right before you get out to king of prussia, it looks like police just pulled away, so that is good news, afternoon baseball, phillies, diamond backs, wrapping it up for their series, 1:05, so not going to the game, that is okay but bam, instant traffic jam, once you get, once that crowd begins to leave it will throw that extra volume on the schuylkill and i-95. keep that in mind for later this afternoon. then new asked are in effect on septa's regional rails some buses and trolley routes and market frankford and subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. we will lead the news with traffic, and it is breaking news out of kingsessing where a car crash send several people to the hospital. it is on wood land avenue in
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south forty-seventh street. crews have that intersection closed off to traffic while they investigate. the crash happened around 1:30 this morning, a car and suv collided sending the suv through a chain linked fence. two people have been taken to the hospital. we will keep an eye on that. steve keeley will have a live shot coming up in a half an hour. we're following breaking news in gloucester county but right now police are investigating an early morning shooting at west broad and pine streets in paulsboro. fox 29 has learned that at least one person was shot around midnight, authorities have not released any other details about this. we will keep you updated as we get more information. in feasterville neighbors want to know why it took so long to discover that lee kaplan was holding 12 girls in his home. authorities made the shocking discovery thursday, after a tip from the concerned neighbor. but it wasn't first time police were called out to this home? court documents show the oldest girls parents, from lancaster county gave her, as a form of payment to kaplan in
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return for helping kaplan financially. she was 14 at the time. police say he sexually assaulted her and fathered two kids with her. authorities are holding her parents and kaplan each on one million-dollar bail. investigators still trying to identify nine other girls found inside. three people hurt including a police officer when a cruiser crashed in the suv last night. lets look at this video. incident was captured on surveillance. police say officer was responding to an urgent radio call from another officer and ended up colliding at the corner of champlost and front streets in olney. suv knocking out traffic lights. witnesses say cop car's lights and sirens were on and investigators say protocol was followed. >> in this action, and as they went through intersection tried to clear it a car would not stop for her and came in contact with her. >> the officer and two people in the suv were all taken to
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einstein hospital with non-life threatening conditions. scary moments inside a philadelphia police precinct a bomb scare forced evacuation of the philadelphia's 35th police district building. here's how police tell fox 29 this played out. investigators with the attorney general gun violence task force were interviewing a suspect yesterday. they led home to the ak-47 buried in northeast philadelphia the gun was wrapped in the plastic bag. now they brought it back to the police station when they unwrapped it, they then noticed a small device inside the bag that had potential of exploding. so, they cleared the building for about 30 minutes until bomb squad arrived and removed that device. thankfully, no one was hurt. we will soon know what the orlando shooter said to 911 during his deadly rampage. florida attorney's general says authorities will release transcript of those calls today, 49 people were killed, more than 50 others were hurt when the gun man walked into that orlando nightclub and opened fire. fbi is still investigating how much if any help the shooter
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had in planning and carrying out the attack. meanwhile last night in orlando 50,000 people marched from the orlando church to this theater for a vigil. >> peace, love... >> after lighting candles local leaders came on stage to read the names have of each of the victims. in philadelphia catholics came together for a special commemorative mass in honor of the victims and their families in orlando. hundreds of parishioner gathered from the cathedral basilica saints peter and paul last night. special prayer was dedicated to the family of akyra murray a recent grad of west catholic prep. with the collective grief gripping the country many felt compelled to join in prayer and turn to faith for healing. >> anytime people come together and unite for the same purpose here praying for families of the victims, victims themselves, i think it
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is healing. >> candles were lit for each of the 49 shooting victims in last night's service. our coverage continues on line for any breaking details in the the investigation or survivors just go to our home page, again those 911 calls will be released later today. back in a moment. 4:08. may have jim kenney will sign the controversial drink tax in the law later today. city council approved new tax in the 13-four vote, last week, mayor kenney says estimated 90 million-dollar in new revenue will fund prek community schools and recollect centers. some opponents say added a 1.5 sent per ounce taxis not legal because pennsylvania already taxes sugary drinks. many counted them out but cleveland cavilers had something to prove and boy, did they, they just need head from lebron james to basically carry the whole team on his back. it was a close one throughout in game seven. neither team able to pull away.
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lebron was so far best player in the court. he had a triple double, 27 points, 11 assists and 11 rebound leading calves to the 93-89 win. the first team to come back from three games to one and win the nba finals. sean will have more, lebron unanimously pick as mvp of this series. mystery in the delaware river minivan plunges in the river and search is on for who night have been inside. budget battle continues in pennsylvania, what lawmakers are trying to do before the july 1st deadline, bob kelly, back to work on monday. you got it. good morning, everybody. getting up and out, maybe you stayed down the shore for an extra night we will come right back with some sand in your shoes, we will check road back from the shore, sue's got your monday forecast, all that and more when we come right back.
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all right. school isn't quite over for some kid yet so we have another lesson for but is what happening today, monday, and it is very rare that this happens on the first day of summer. it is a full moon. why do you see strawberry in
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the moon there? because it is the strawberry mean. every full moon has a name, and thinks strawberry season, and 7:02 is when the moon is officially full but the sun will be up by then so you really will to have look carefully to see that full moon but it is happening right now. it is dark now. look at the full moon. we've got a few thunderstorms that could pop up, by tomorrow in the afternoon because of this cold front coming through. in the meantime it will be more humid and yesterday was warm but it wasn't so humid. so here's what we have got, the potential beginning of the heat wave. 91 degrees was our temperature yesterday to day we are expecting to be in the 90's it is tuesday, that is wild card there about whether we get back in the 90's again before those thunderstorms hit. in the meantime code orange air quality alert in effect for most of the area, unhealthy air quality once it
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gets this warm, once it gets humid as it will be throughout the day-to-day, you have to watch it if you have issues, especially with breathing issues like asthma on a day like today. so for many of us, we don't need an excuse to take it easy. >> no. >> we will take it easy, for sure today. checking some temperatures walking out the door throughout the region on this monday morning, hazel ton 60. sixty-two in pottstown. fifty-six in west chester. moving to washington township 61 degrees. already 70 in ocean city. seaside park 64. lewis, delaware 69. we're 07 in long neck down at the delaware beach today. we will start our seven day forecast with nine three, 90 tomorrow. it will be a close call. then on wednesday, lower humidity but still in the upper 80's and gets more comfortable after that. we will check some of those shore temperatures too, as we do now with their enhanced
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summertime seven day forecast. it looks like a 76-degree temperature if you are going to the beach today, bob kelly and don't you wish you were. >> i wish i was, exactly. >> it will be good day for afternoon baseball down there, classic chris murphy, you could have seen his face when he thought we were out of keurig k cups. >> yes. >> didn't go well. >> we're good. >> we have enough to get us through today, we will handle that later this afternoon. here's the admiral wilson boulevard where that construction right at the airport circle has caused havoc through the weekend and will come back and cause that havoc again for the rush hour. there is access from the admiral wilson but it goes down to one lane over this fly over ramp and route 130 north that is detoured off in the neighborhood. so use cuthbert boulevard or federal street and give yourself extra time especially later on this afternoon if you are heading home from the
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phillies game, that could be a route that you would normally not go if you are not at the game later today. accident investigation at forty-seventh and wood land. steve's going to bring us latest on that in the next 15 minutes or so. i-95, live look at south philadelphia where again we will see extra volume, heading to the game for the 10:51 pitch down there in south philadelphia and then again big traffic jam will come later this afternoon when that game is over. they have not been doing that well the fill business these afternoon games get close to capacity. it will be a great afternoon for some baseball so be ready for that, that afternoon jam at 3:00 o'clock. septa has a new schedule in effect on all regional rail lines and buses and trolleys as well. so grab a new timetable as you wait for the bus or trolley this morning. chris, back to you. we are following breaking news out of kingsessing where a car crash sent several people to the hospital. lets go to steve keeley with the very latest, steve, good
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morning. >> reporter: just two people, two drivers and road reopened. the problem is you can see septa crew here making sure that the trolley tracks along wood happened are cleaned up. now that they are leaving everybody is gone and notice bob kelly, use your power of persuasion with the streets department to get temporary stop signs out here because look at the traffic lights, forty-seventh and wood land a pretty good intersection but chris, pan right and show this orange building here. it is a blind intersection, so people flying down wood land will not notice there is no traffic light working and people coming down forty-seventh street cannot see to their left until they are in the middle of the intersection. we could have another bad crash here. the lets go to the video and show you the scene here right after 1:30 when this accident happened, two vehicles ape this shows you safety of vehicles paw all of the air bags deployed. a lot of the car and landrover broke apart and took out traffic lights but everybody is going to be okay.
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non-life threatening injuries, people getting treatment at the hospital, and not so serious but real bad news for wood land lumber and building supply company. now look at my pictures i acquired, two weeks to the day, two monday's ago a kid driving a stolen white audi crashed here and took out traffic lights and wide land building supply's fence. they just got their fence fixed. new part of their fence is now down and smashed fan from this accident. also the new traffic light and control box that was just repaired and replaced, that has been taken out again. is what left the front fender from a vehicle as we come back live here and one of the traffic lights about 30 feet from where it was standing. so when you take control panel out all of the traffic lights don't work, chris so we have one light down but no lights working and no officials on the scene, no flashing lights, no orange cones, nothing warning you there was an accident plus bob kelly note
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this look at the street covered in sand because of the fuel and all of the stuff that came out of the engine department of both vehicles. even if you do see a vehicle you will slide on that sand used to soak up fuel. very dangerous intersection that driver very smart to stop look all which way, so bob use your persuasion every traffic hit to get some temporary traffic signs out here before we get back here with another accident the third in two weeks. >> all right, steve, thanks. 4:19. thanks very much. meantime a minivan has been pulled from the delaware river and investigators are still trying to piece together who may have been inside. sunday morning at 5:00 a silver van was pulled from the delaware river with severe damage. officials found no one inside. car went through a fence and flew off the ramp ultimately landing in the river. one witness said he called police when he saw the vehicle fly by the intersection of oregon avenue and boulevard bus boulevard at an estimated
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100 miles an hour. >> it goes flying by and not paying attention, i heard a crash. i thought it crashed in another car. i looked over and seen gate missing and then i heard a splash. i told my friend in the car like yo, somebody just went through the water. >> the investigation continues, police say registered owner claims to know who may have been behind the wheel, it is in the believed that any other people beside the driver were in the the minivan. a fire at a two story row home in strawberry mansion has sent one person to the hospital for smoke inhalation. this video came from fresco, emma medina capture this on 4:30 yesterday on north nop a street. fire fight are had it under control from a half an hour. governor and others support a fierce warrior in the fight against an nal cruelty. george bengal has died at the age of 69. george's determination to save suffering animals has been chronicled even on the animal planet and national geographic.
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george told fox 29 lucy noland that he had a dying wish and she's doing her best to make it come true by bringing his message trait to harrisburg. >> i'm literally pleading, for the spca totally operates a law enforcement department on donations from the public. we get no assistance from any local, state or federal people. >> so you'll see that right after this story... >> representatives from harrisburg have promised they will advocate to get fund nothing to this years budget for humane law enforcement and governor wolf says he looks forward to working with them as well. governor released a statement saying francis and i send our deepest condolences to george's family and friend. george devoted his life from protecting animals from cruelty, abuse and his service and dedication are unmatch. if you want to help keep up george's fight to end animal cruelty in lieu of flowers, george's family asked for donations to be made to the
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bengal fund. you can find the lincoln fox coming up, pennsylvania governor tom wolf and state legislature are in the final stretch to approve the budget. 2016/17 fiscal year begins july 1st, house is up first to pass a budget package that the republicans are considering raising cigarette taxes and expanding casino style gambling. meanwhile governor wolf wants to put more money in the public schools. right now the state is in a $1.8 billion deaf set. another really tough day for phillies and a crazy day in pennsylvania, at u.s. open golf championship. sean has that plus the crying from lebron james next in sports. but first your winning lottery numbers. to grow up. but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me.
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good morning i'm sean bell and all about game seven of the nba fines, lebron james trying to do for ohio and step curry trying to do it for his history. unbelievable game in oakland and khiry irving was one who bring it home, tied 89 all, step back three and that would do it, cleveland would go on to win 93-89 winning their first championship, since jim brown, lebron james finally did it for his home state.
4:26 am
we will go to the u.s. open, lowery choke with the four stroke lead dustin johnson stepped in. on the 18th hole johnson with the birdie completed a masterful day, he wins his first u.s. open, title. for phillies they just can't do anything right, it has been a terrible june. jake lamb with the deep ball going in the deck, there is a play at the plate but it wasn't in time, phillies lose, five-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. and at 4:26. we're following breaking news out of gloucester county where one person has been shot in the overnight shooting whom police are looking for and more on the victim next. more breaking news a street in kingsessing shut down after an overnight accident, steve keeley will have a live report an update straight ahead.
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house of horrors 12 girls found living in the basement in the bucks county home. that man accused of sexually assaulting the oldest child. now they want to make sure none of the or kid was assaulted. why that may prove to be more difficult then expect. with the resounding pop, philadelphia made history last week and new governor will sign tonight to law but that does not mean controversy
4:30 am
surrounding soda taxis over. we will explain next. >> and, final second, it is over, cleveland is city of champions, once again. >> after more than 50 years lebron james delivers on a promise bringing home nba championship this morning we will break down all of the highlights. it is monday june 10th, 2016. lauren johnson is off this morning. i didn't see the game, much too late for me but cleveland has, a winning team of all of their sports franchises none has won since 1964. they did it last night. >> that is why lebron went back to cleveland to bring championship, isn't that yes went back. >> did he in his third season there. >> he did it eventually. >> look what is happening today, summer begins, now it is not official yet if you want to get technical. we are calling it first day of summer but 6:34 p.m. is time of the summer solstice when
4:31 am
sunnies at its highest point in the sky and gives us the longest day of the year. approximately 15 hours of daylight today, and you will not have have any rain to spoil any of it, but you will to have do is take care of yourself because it will be hot and humid today with no rain predict. we will see what happens some times you get pop up then are storms on a hot, humid day but more likely for that to happen tomorrow then today. 68 degrees, right now in philadelphia. sunrise time is 5:33 on this longest day of the year. our temperature in mount pocono is 59. sixty-three in trenton. sixty-two in pottstown. wildwood 68 degrees. warm and mug any dover delaware where they are cleaning up from the fire fly music festival and that is 71 degrees there. we have warm sunshine all day, bob kelly mentioned about the phillies game this afternoon. wear your sun screen. you will need it. heat is on. high of nine two.
4:32 am
it well feel hotter then that thanks to the humidity. sunset time 8:33. only bad thing is after today the days will start getting shorter, all the way up to the first day of winter. >> they say today is longest day, good morning everybody. 4:32. welcome to the longest day. live look at the blue route, 476 right here near ridge, no problems or any long delays right now, kind of quiet on the majors, the overnight construction was non-existent, vine street expressway is opened as we start off our morning no problems on the the schuylkill, blue route. ninety-five watch for new traffic patterns shuffles there as we work in and out of girard avenue. this gas work over here in south jersey still with us, down to one lane on the admiral wilson boulevard up and over the airport circle the fly over ramps to head east on 38 and 70 and all traffic off route 130 detoured on the cuthbert boulevard. this will be a mess during the rush hour and then later on
4:33 am
this afternoon as folks come back from the phillies game we will have unusual traffic patterns at the end of that game in which we say instant traffic jam when that game is over. traffic lights are out at forty-seventh and wood land the second time this month according to steve keeley that they knock over traffic control box there. hopefully we will get crews out there we will put a word in for streets department and see how quickly they respond. new schedules in effect for septa regional rails and buses and trolleys. make sure you grab a new updated timetable. they are using shuttle buses for next couple weeks on both the ten and 15. market franking forward and broad street subway running buses until 5:00. the chris, back over to you. lets stay with traffic, bob. car crash send two people the two hospital in kingsessing on wood land avenue and south forty-seventh street and 130:67:89 car and suv collided sending suv through a chain link fence. two people had been taken to the hospital. the intersection is now opened to traffic again.
4:34 am
breaking news out of gloucester county this morning, police say one person was shot and killed overnight in paulsboro this happened at west broad and pine streets around midnight. authorities have not released any other details. we will update you on this story as well. now we will go to the developing store on it of feasterville neighbors asking why it took so long to find that 51 year-old lee kaplan was holding 12 girls in his home and it wasn't first time police were called to that house. dave kinchen is in feasterville with more on the shocking details, dave. >> reporter: a lot of questions here and neighbors say there have been so many calls over the years about suspicious activity at the house. police remain on the scene here at this early hour as they did throughout the weekend while the bucks county d.a. and county detectives work on this case with so many questions swirling around this investigation. now they have been searching the feasterville home of 51 year-old lee kaplan. investigators a kaplan has been living with 12 girls between six months and 18 years old, fathering the
4:35 am
youngest two girls with the 18 years old who was only 14 at the time that she gave birth. thirty he lease say that 14 year old was given to kaplan as a gift by her amish parents daniel and seville a stoltzfus of lancaster county. they are facing charges as well. authorities have not said when the nine girls are related. neighbors noticed odd behavior from kaplan over the years and called police. cops came out but never went inside and never thought child abuse. the question now is why. >> they should have looked into it more, the police, before, you know, it took four years? four years and cops are called several times. >> the problem is this you can call and say i'm concern something is in my neighbors i go tour neighbors house and unless i have substantial evidence to get a warrant to get in the house if they refuse entry we cannot go in. >> neighborhood is so quiet and so peaceful, i just don't understand it. >> reporter: we are learning about the living situation
4:36 am
inside, police found an elaborate train set with tens of thousands of dollars wofford of trains and platforms, the kid were told were living in the basement on air mattresses, homework was found there leading authorities to believe that the children were home schooled. one more note police broad cadaver dogs in. they were concerned that human remains may have been found on the property but they did not find any. we're told so far the children are doing okay. back to you, chris. >> maybe physically, dave. thank you. it has been a week since deadly shooting inside a orlando nightclub. now we may soon learn what the shooter said. we will tell but that next. bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, buddy. 4:36. getting back at it n problems on the blue route. we are shaking off cobwebs getting ready for monday morning rush hour. afternoon baseball sue has your baseball forecast when we come right back.
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happening today mayor jim kenney will sign philadelphia's controversial drink tax into law later today. city council will approve the new tax in the 13-four vote last week mayor kenney says 90 million-dollar in new revenue will fund prek community schools and recollect centers. some opponents, they say adding one and a half cents per ounce taxis not legal because pennsylvania already taxes sugary drinks. west oak lane gunshots rang out leaving one man fighting for his life, police
4:40 am
up to 31 year-old man on forest avenue and middletown street shot in the legs and face. this happened 11:30 yesterday morning. man in critical condition at einstein, so far no arrests have been made. minivan pulled from the delaware river, they are still trying to piece together who may have been inside. sunday morning around 5:00 o'clock a silver van was pull from the delaware river with severe damage but officials found no one inside. investigators say car went through a fence and flew off ramp ultimately landing in the delaware. one witness said he called police when he saw vehicle fly by intersection of the oregon avenue and columbus boulevard at an estimated 100 miles an hour. >> come flying by and not paying attention i heard a crash. i think it crashed in another car, i looked over and then heard a splash. i told my friend in the car like somebody just went in the water. >> the investigation continues, police say registered owner claims to know who may have been behind the wheel. it is not believed that any
4:41 am
other people beside the driver were in that minivan at the time. we will know what the orlando shooter said to 911 dispatch are during his deadly rampage. florida's attorney general says authorities will release transcripts of those calls today. forty-nine people died, more than 50 were hurt when a gunman walk in it or land owe nightclub the pulse and opened fire. fbi is still investigating how much if any help the shooter may have had in planning or carrying out that attack. it has been a week after last shooting in u.s. history and republican presidential presumptive nominee says he has a way to stop this from happening again but that way doesn't come without some controversy. we will talk about that straight ahead. sum iser here. we could have changes to the commute if you take septa what you need to know as you head out the door straight ahead.
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spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ all right. today is a hope, do you ever give up hope? maybe. maybe we will win one, diamond backs, some more, phillies leave town now quite hot and humid regardless of the score at the ballpark today. 90 degrees, by 1:00 o'clock which means we will probably get to 92 or 93 by the end of the day. there you go.
4:45 am
sun screen exclamation, exclamation, you made sure you have that sitting out in the sun and hopefully watching a phillies victory. we could be working on another heat wave. yesterday's high was 91. we expect to be around 90ish today and tomorrow but wednesday temperature will drop off and become more comfortable. high pressure in control today. a couple thunderstorms are not out of the question as we move through looking at the future cast, actually, we will see eventually some dryer air moving in here but for today it is code orange with the heat and humidity and that means uncomfortable air quality for folks who have especially the health issues. so lets look at this future cast, just in and it does have some pop ups, probably in the overnight hours maybe into tomorrow morning, very isolated thunderstorms, possible today and more likely tomorrow and that should be it for this system. then we have another chance of showers and then are storms moving through on thursday but
4:46 am
after wednesday things will start to be more comfortable at least and then heat up as we get into the second half of the weekend. and of course the enhanced seven day does shore temperatures will heat up at the shore on wednesday and thursday of this week when we will see temperatures in the beach in the 80's when we get that land breeze there but for phillies public schools i believe the last day, bob kelly is tomorrow for students which means a lot of folks may hit the road right after this. >> you got it. >> big day. >> vacation. >> a lot of unusual traffic patterns, we have got phillies game today. we have got some of the schools beginning to close the doors and head on home for the summer vacation but here's a live look at admiral wilson boulevard okay now. we have one lane traffic pattern, right at the airport circle. during morning and evening rush hours it has been a rough go. i went through this stretch yesterday actuallyily and in
4:47 am
the admiral wilson from 38 to 70 only one lane and that detour cuthbert boulevard and federal if you want to stay away from the jam. this afternoon once that phillies game is over, we will see a lot of unusual traffic patterns, heading toward that ben franklin. just keep that in mind. live look at what are we looking at here, blue route 476 not that bad at all working your way from mid county all the way down in toward i-95 we're in good shape, schuylkill looking good. is there one situation eastbound on the turnpike right here near mid county disabled dump truck one of those other night work trucks has a flat tire they flares blinking out here on eastbound side of the turnpike. speaking of blinking they are not blinking traffic lights are out at forty-seventh and wood land. here's the deal, steve was there earlier. accident is cleared. everybody is gone. it is amaze ago this everybody just splits and washes their hand of the situation. traffic lights are out. big traffic light that hold
4:48 am
the control box for that intersection got knocked over and this handles two of septa's busy trolley routes in there as well. hopefully we will get somebody out there to put up a temporary blinking light or some stop signs. ten and 15 they are using shuttle buses due to track work. afternoon baseball at 1:05 in south philadelphia. chris, back over to you. 4:48. one week after the death of voice finalist cristina grimmie another voice contest stand shot and killed, this time in chicago. alexandria fuentes was a contestant on mexico's version of the voice. he was celebrating his forty-fifth birthday when a man attack him on thursday. fuentes was getting in his coroner his music school on the southwest side of the chicago when a man shot him three times in the head. he died saturday. it comes just a week after shooting death of the south jersey's cristina grimmie. on friday her family and closest friend said their goodbyes at fellowship
4:49 am
alliance chap until medford. authorities say a deranged fan shot and killed her. she signed autographs in orlando. her family and friend remember grimmie a has a shy girl but she had a love for family and friend and god. donald trump says u.s. need to get aggressive when it company toms preventing terrorism. republican presidential candidate said racial profiling should be used to determine, who poses a threat. >> profiling is something we will to have start thinking about as a country and other countries do it. you look at israel and others, and they do it, and they do it successfully. i hate the concept of profiling but we have to start using common sense and we have to use, you know, we have to use our heads. >> meantime the national rifle association is reaffirming its position that more gun controls won't stop extremist, or criminals from carrying out attacks. the senate votes on four measures to control the sale of guns today but none is
4:50 am
expect to pass. bars in philadelphia's gayborhood are banning together to help survivors in orlando. they are planning a massive fund raiser with city officials serving as bartenders. organizers are still working on the details but event will be held july 21st at 9:00 p.m. let's turn to your money, apple wants users to conduct financial transactions, through its text messages service. the here's how it works. apple i message service now allow peer to peer payments with square, new feature claims to make sending money as shooting a text to the friend. service works with siri. septa want to make awe wear of some new schedule changes, starting to day for the summer, riders in the the city suburban and victory transit divisions will have mine of changes to improve customer service, changes started yesterday. septa says new schedules are available at and new stations and on the septa app. speaking of summer, start of the summer means one thing,
4:51 am
hoagie fest, not only can you get your hoagies for discounted price today but is there a new hoagie on the menu, we will reveal, the wawa mystery next up. here's a live look at ben franklin parkway. on this cushion for generations.
4:52 am
alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that.
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big day for all you wawa fans, it is start of summer, so what does that mean? the summer went by -- no. hoagie fest starting to day. first day of summer, you can grab 10-inch classic hoagies at discounted price of $4.99 ape variety of wawa hot ape cold breakfast hoagies are part of the hoagie fest. head of the hoagie fest wawa revealed a mystery, okay, about the hoagie. mystery hoagie isn't really much of a mystery. mystery sandwich is going to be a roasted chicken hoagie, there you go. just a week after winning a tony for best leading actor leslie odom junior is leaving hamilton. east oak lane native says aaron fur and announced that he will leave, on facebook that he is departing when his contract end july 9th to focus on his music career. he released a jazz album known with that show and since it
4:55 am
opened in 2015 hamilton's creator lynn manual miranda announced he is leaving production on the same day. hamilton won 11 tone a ward, getting tickets to that is like 1200 bucks. at box office pixar's finding dori broke record with finding nemo. it around 136 million-dollar, the highest grossing film debut of all time wiping out scheck the third and toy story two. now i know what i'm doing with my daughter after work today. 4:55. day to remember for all of the wrong reasons at one flags great adventure this picture was sent by a viewer and it noise joke. that roller coaster is call the joker and it got stuck, way up there, riders were stuck, for nearly an hour. woman who took the picture says a the lot of people were panicking, representative from six flags says the ride did indeed stop at the top but says coaster safeties system
4:56 am
assure everybody got off safely. many counted them out but cleveland cavilers had something to prove and boy did they with the help of lebron james. help? he carried the team. to the video, this game seven was really good. warriors came out and dominated right from the beginning but with the sea saw battle it came down to the final minute. lebron james hit the three tie the game. then a massive block by lebron on andre iguodala with less than a minute on the clock, khiry irving nails a huge three pointer and then seal the game for cavilers. they complete the come back, and they were down three games to one. they go into oakland game seven and beat warriors. final 93-89. first time a team comes back three games to win the nba championship with three games to one. >> next up local business hit by vandals and number of tires
4:57 am
slashed in the car dealership. house of horrors in bucks county. twelve girls found. that man accused of sexually assaulting the oldest child. why authorities are finding it hard to determine if the others suffered the same fate
4:58 am
4:59 am
good morning at 5:00 o'clock. developing for you several people rush to the hospital after an overnight crash, where a car and suv collided
5:00 am
sending suv through a chain link fence. plus shocking discovery 12 girls held in the bucks county home, questions neighbors now want answered. plus tires slashed in the local car dealership, you won't believe number of cars those businesses say were damage, my goodness. good day everyone it is june 20th, 2016, lauren dawn johnson has the morning off. she took final day of spring off, sue because what around dinner time it will turn over to the summer solstice. >> that is right, chris murphy. good to pay attention on one of the last day of school. summer does begin today but not officially summer yet because solstice itself is at 6:34 p.m. and this will be the day when we have the most daylight and least night timeness, least amount of night. you know what, for some reason you can see the moon. it is full. almost sunrise time but it


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